Hello! I'm Jacob.

I write apps for the people I play games with and to solve problems. I can be contacted at my email below.





A leaderboard website for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Kreedz community, built from scratch using javascript, html, and css.

This site was built as a display of their new API system, storing information such as level completion, fastest times, world records, and more. Since it’s existence, it’s been visited by over 20,000 players.


WoW HC Creator

A World of Warcraft hardcore character creator built using next.js and tailwindcss.

A weekend project made for the purposes of generating a set of random restrictions for a player wanting to experience a “hardcore” version of the game.



My personal website built with next.js and tailwindcss. Designed with Figma using references.


Personal store project

A 3-person college project to design and create a portfolio and store front using React.


Task list

A simple task list app built from scratch using javascript, html, and css.

This was created to replicate a friend's task list app so we could compare each other's code.


Teron Gorefiend simulator

A non-web development project. This was a Unity project made to replicate an old flash game.

The goal of the game is to teach the user how to handle the Teron Gorefiend encounter in World of Warcraft's raid "Black Temple". Built with Unity and C#.